Frequently asked questions about ActiPatch pain relief therapy

How do I use ActiPatch?

Step 1: Activate the Device

Remove the white tab from the ActiPatch device. For the 720 hour size: Squeeze the silver button for at least three seconds to activate. For the trial size: Remove white tab and squeeze for 1-2 seconds to activate.



Step 2: Apply the Device

Place the device (LED light face up) so that the loop is directly over the area of pain and secure in place. You can use the medical adhesive included in the package, a cloth wrap or attach it to the first layer of your clothing (a tight pair of pants, for example).



For Best Results

Wear ActiPatch continuously in one area until you notice pain relief. The more you wear it, the better it works! Usage can be adjusted to as needed after initial pain relief. Since the device is safe to use 24/7, you can wear it around the clock.

Turning the Device Off

You can turn the 720-hour device off by holding the on-off switch down for at least 3 seconds and then releasing it. The trial device cannot be turned off.

How long until I feel pain relief?

Anywhere from a few hours, up to 4 days. Depending on the severity of the injury, your pain levels can begin to go down after only 2-3 hours of wearing ActiPatch, but it can take as long as 3-4 days to feel the best relief. Once pain relief starts, you can maintain it as long as the device is being used continuously 8-24 hours a day.

Remember that everyone’s pain is different and like all pain remedies, ActiPatch works a little differently for everyone. And, like every pain remedy, ActiPatch may not work for everyone.

What will I feel when I wear ActiPatch?

Unlike heat patches/pain creams/TENS there’s no sensation when you wear ActiPatch. No heat,no shocks, nothing. The gentle electrical pulses that ActiPatch emits are completely sensation-free.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use ActiPatch?

Yes. Don’t use ActiPatch if:

 •   Your pain persists after 3-4 days of use or worsens with use. Discontinue using ActiPatch and seek medical attention
 •   You have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, deep brain stimulator and nerve stimulators or other electronic device in the area of pain
 •   You are experiencing sudden, unexplained pain prior to using ActiPatch. Sudden, unexplained pain can be an indicator of a serious medical condition and may require medical attention

 •   You do not know what is causing your knee pain. Contact your doctor to know more about the source of your pain 
 •   You have pain deep in your body (for instance, in the chest or stomach)

 •   You are pregnant or think you may be pregnant
 •   You are under 17 years old
 •   You have cancer-related pain

Other things to know:

 •   If you are in the care of a doctor, consult your doctor before using ActiPatch
 •   ActiPatch is not a sterile device, so do not place it in contact with open wounds or irritable spots
 •   Choking hazard—do not swallow unit